First phase of Point Ruston sold to California-based real estate company

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Add Point Ruston to the skyrocketing real estate market frenzy in Tacoma. The first developed phase of Point Ruston, which includes the Copperline and Century apartments (268 units total) and various properties that now house businesses or restaurants, has sold for nearly $101.3 million to CWS Capital Partners of Newport Beach, Calif. The company on its

How Point Ruston went from one of the most polluted places in America to ‘Tacoma’s back yard’

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TACOMA, Wash. – One of the Northwest’s crown jewels sits atop what was once one of the more polluted sites in the United States. Point Ruston is a waterfront village within a larger community that is drawing people from throughout Pierce Couny. The site was a copper smelter dating back to

Waterfront Condo Sales Spike in Tacoma

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When Mary Byrne and her husband looked at condominiums at The Commencement in 2008, the Tacoma area's condo market had collapsed. Back then the Commencement was in foreclosure. Other condo projects around Tacoma were abandoned, put up for auction, or revamped into apartments for renters. “We saw that the future was so long in

EDB Annual Meeting: The economy, regional winners and successful partnership

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EDB Annual Meeting: The economy, regional winners and successful partnership ON MARCH 1, 201 7, leaders from across the region came together at the Greater Tacoma Convention and Trade Center for a progress report on the EDB’s recruitment and retention work, unveiling of the Excellent 10, announcement of this year’s Golden Shovel Award winner, and to hear an economic prognosis from

Point Ruston goes from cleanup to community

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Point Ruston is a 97-acre mixed-use site situated on nearly a mile of Puget Sound shoreline near downtown Tacoma. Standing in the footprint of the old Asarco copper smelting plant, Point Ruston is being redeveloped into a scenic Built Green neighborhood with apartments, condominiums, restaurants, retail, entertainment and public space. Early phases have been completed, but plenty of work

August 2014 (Loren Cohen)

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Q & A WITH LOREN COHEN TWA members and others are talking to writer Sharon Babcock about enduring inspirations, life lessons, and perspectives from their experiences on the working waterfront. This month is the 14th installment in the series: Loren Cohen, manager of Legal Affairs for Point Ruston and former TWA board president. On a

Perseverance pays off at Point Ruston

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Real Estate Buzz: Perseverance pays off at Point Ruston It's taken a lot of hard work to get the Point Ruston project to this point. The 97-acre site along the Tacoma waterfront was an Asarco copper smelting plant for almost a century before MC Construction Consultants bought it in 2006. Millions were spent on

VIDEO: October Construction Update

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October was another month of incredible construction progress at Point Ruston! Foundations are being poured for the Neighborhood Grocer; Century Condominiums are now up to the fourth level; and Copperline Condominiums West is receiving siding, windows, and the final layer of roofing! We hope you enjoy watching the October Construction Update Video as these

Construction update, Point Ruston

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Favorable weather is helping construction crews at Point Ruston LLC development make progress toward their next milestone. Concrete deliveries are flowing and construction is underway on the building that will house Point Ruston Neighborhood Grocer, plus more than 1,300 parking stalls. The multi-phase project promises to bring waterfront condominium units and

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